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What’s inside..

What is the client selling?

The client offers personalised coaching, group coaching & training programs for career aspirants in India.

What is the objective of the proposed activities?

1. Drive as many sales online with lowest possible spend.
2. Establish the brand as reputed and trustable among the market influencers and the buying market itself.
3. Grow the brand’s identity along the journey.
4. Plan and execute customer lifecycle and retention activities.
5. Scaling.

The thought behind

We believe marketing is about building a great product by communicating in interesting ways, pulling customers in rather than pushing products down people's throats. Every product has its niche market, first segment the right market, communicate to that market in a way that is interesting and useful to the people that the product serves.

What is the plan?

We know these are the most visited websites & platforms on the planet. Identify our market in these platforms and their publisher networks, target them with our message, make them our customers, keep them coming back.

Who all will be working on your account?

We have highly skilled and experienced people who are passionate about their jobs - we club them together and call them as resource pool. Whenever there is a task to be completed, it will be assigned to Pool manager by you (If Self Serviced account) or your Account manager (if managed account) and the work gets assigned to the right candidate through our workforce management system. Work gets followed up - reviewed & completed. Results Driven.

Design and video team.

(essential service)

Website experts

(essential service)

Content experts

(essential & premium available)

SEO experts

(essential service)

Full-stack Marketers for social, email, Analytics.

(essential service)

Senior team for Account management, Ads (Media buying) and strategy for funnels & content.

(Premium service)

How to make the best use of our services?

(To suit your business needs and goals)

Who is our market?

Social and web Activities...

Sales Driving activities..

Some Networking..

A look at the market & Competition

I found multiple coaching and consulting options in the market. Even the market size is considerably big. I found more such keywords amounting to more than 20,000 Searches a month just in social. Collectively we are looking at a market size of over 50,000 active conversions a month on social, communities and searches.

Managed Phase of Activities

(for Managed Accounts) - If you opt for self managed - You can give us an intro and start assigning tasks from Day one.

When you opt for Managed Account - We plan to scale the activities in two phases and in sequel to the campaign response. Testing Phase is optional and we limit them to ads only. We only recommend testing phase If the product is in prototype stage & you want us to test the market response.

Foundation PhaseScaling Phase
First 3 months - You can decide to choose if you want us to focus on all activities or a handful to start with.Going forward - As we see results flowing client may choose to further scale the activities.
Setting up accounts & profiles in different channels & branding them. Review already existing accounts.
● Strategising first set of funnels and campaigns.
● Building creatives like graphics, videos, emailers.
● Start Organic and community building programs.
● Testing, Analytics & Optimisation.
● Build agency-client relationship & align to goal of the client
● During this stage, we are more aligned with the client’s business & goals.
● We understand your customers better, we focus on optimising our activities.
● Scaling is the Mantra we follow - slow and steady wins the race.
● Routine activities will continue with planned refreshes.

Why us?

With their high fixed costs, multiple points of contact and confusing terminology, traditional agencies don't make sense for businesses anymore. We are built to solve exactly this problem. An agency which has both technical and DM expertise is suited to play this game..

How does the pricing work?

(We basically have two options for you)

Managed Account Services

Choose this option if you want our seniors to manage your Account, plan & assign activities to the resource pool, join bi-weekly consulting & strategy calls with you, Pull analytics and modify activities accordingly, play a key role in optimising your account and scale your business. This options works great if you prefer minimal communications and just want progress and a glance at what is happening on weekly - monthly basis and don’t wish to assign activity to the resource pool through a pool manager.

Self Serviced Account or popularly known as Marketing VA (Virtual assistant) pool

Choose this option if you know what you want. You just want to assign tasks and get the work completed from the VA resource pool. Suitable for seasoned Digital marketers and business owners having experience in Digital marketing.

What you get?

What you get?

How does the pricing work?

ServicePay for service model
Strategy + Media Buying (Optional Premium service)We charge 20% of the ad-spend with a minimum charge of 10,000 INR for upto 50k INR spend in a given month.
All Essential Service (VA pool)Suggested minimum of 40 hours per month @ 30,000 INR. Additional hours at 800 INR per hour.
Managed Account (Optional Managed Account service)A flat charge of 200 INR per consumed Essential service hour for the managed account.
What we recommend for you? 30,000 INR per month = for an ad-spend of upto 50k INR (Premium service @ 10,000 INR) + upto 20 hours of (Essential Service @ 16,000 INR). + This will be a Managed Account @ 4,000 INR.

Before deciding?

Who do we work with?

digital marketing company

We helped 3M ESPE reach the dentist market and establish an active relationship with the market and make them active buyers and influencers of 3M’s products in the community.

We are helping Creative Holidays India having 22 outlets PAN India build an Online presence and increased 1000x lead flow in 5 months. Using Organic effort and ads.

We are helping other brands like Adobe, HPE, Xerox Europe, DXC, Naffco, ONsiteGO, RunCloud among other companies in their content marketing efforts on a regular basis.

A look at the market & Competition

For the cost of hiring 1 full-time senior level marketing employee, you can get access to 4-6 senior marketing minds along with tech expertise (which is a must for your account) and creative team of designers, animators, ad experts, content and email team - through our agency. The collective experience and knowledge base of a team will always be better than relying on a single mind to solve a problem or come up with a new idea.

We are equipped with all of the industry’s must-have tools. At TJD, we invest into tools & trainings each year and our client’s campaigns get access to all those tools and industry battled systems for no additional advertised cost.

You only pay extra if we’re paying to an influencer or a press release or a website owner for a paid guest posting, Or you want us to use a paid tool (which we don’t have in our inventory)

We also test and try all of the new trends in the industry, to always ensure we’re up to the mark. Having worked on multiple verticals focused on results, gives us competitive advantage.

Next steps


Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We look forward to becoming a part of your success story.